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RADWIMPS – Order Made

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Translated lyrics after the cut. (more…)


My…. what?

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Got this off Karcy’s post. “Existential version” made me lol, all the more because it’s sad how it’s true.

Fitting treatment of a shallow, mind-numbingly stupid thing — do you like this song? Like, really really like, not just “oh it’s a cool song” like, but a “this is my bestest song in the whole wide world! ^_^” like. Have you studied the lyrics carefully and still admit to loving a song like this with all your heart?

If that’s true, then here is what you do. Stand in front of a wall. Assume a bowing posture such that all you can see is the ground. Now run into that wall in front of you with your head still in that position. Repeat till you lose consciousness, and/or obtain a cerebral haemorrhage.

Cheers to Alanis Morisette for making an inane song into something golden. Best natural selector if I ever saw one.

P.S: If you’re fortunate enough to have lived such a sheltered life you’ve never heard of the original in all its brainless, blazing glory, here’s a tip — don’t. You’ll want that 5 minutes of your life back when you’re done with it.

ACIDMAN – Slow Rain PV

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

I don’t usually post YouTube links but since their new single’s out today in Japan… watch it! So you can see- and hear- what the fuss’ all about after hearing me rant for what seems like ages about their music. (:

A Music (mostly) Collage

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Cut for main page’s sake.


Like a metronome

Thursday, 17 August 2006

This has to be the longest week of my life, or at least it feels like it. And by longest I also mean shittiest. So, make that the longest and shittiest week. A week that hasn’t went well, as far as weeks go.

Realized today that Oceansize’s New Pin and Mellowdrone’s Bone Marrow, both new songs that I happen to be crazy about have something in common — they both have correlating lyrics. They’re about drugs, which figures; it must be my subconscious asserting relevance in some form. They’re also beautiful songs, the type that catches you by the scruff of the neck, and slaps you several times around the face. Yeah, that kind.

Oceansize – New Pin
For goodness wake I’ll always say I do;
That it’s all for you
And the tricks I’d turn would always shine right through;
But it’s all for you

Like a stream overflowing, unpredictable
A new confidence like a new king
Like a breeze levitating to raise a sunken soul
And to the surface shines a new pin

What junkie says is not what junkie do;
But it’s all for you
And the tricks he turns will always shine right through;
But it’s all for you

Like a dream synchronising with the one I miss the most
A concentrated love from a new queen
Like a wave stabilizing I walk a tighter rope
And my new victim shines like a new pin

Like a dream synchronising with the one I miss the most
A concentrated love from a new queen
I can feel lies within the gospels that I’m sold
The tactless sentiments are a new pain
But it’s all for you

A big thank-you to the three kind souls out there who remember me in their prayers, gave me advice, or a mix of both. Yes, men too, can be on the rag. I’m not okay (I promise). Apparently waiting makes time pass slower. Appreciate all the help I can get. I feel like a metronome — ticking back and forth, left right left right to a song I already think I know the ending to. Back and forth.  The tempo sucks.

Mellowdrone – Bone Marrow
Step back and shut the door, you know
I’ve never seen any of these people before
You know it sounds so nice when it comes a friend
I say we all get dolled up and let it begin

Slowly we sink, good as a weight
Hand it over softly, before somebody else gets hurt
Light my hands on fire, my sweet angel
Take my oxygen, my bone marrow
Whatever you do, don’t stop till you’re through
It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright
Take my oxygen, my sweet angel
Oh no, let’s put
The drugs in the back, just like old times in that brown Pontiac
I used to be so strong in the arms
But now they’re small, they’re small

I finished reading this 4-in-1 Earthsea collection, the four being A Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan, The Farthest Shore, Tehanu. It’s about this wizard in this world called Ged, four books that chronicle his life as a child, a teen, a man, and in his old age, with Ged having the focus only in the first book, playing secondary roles in the next two, and a seemingly tertiary role in the last.

It was pretty unusual as far as fantasy stories go, to say nothing of it being incredibly original. No Save The World From Looming Evil Force, no Travelling To Find Obscure Artefact That’ll Bring Peace And Harmony, no A Bunch Of Travellers Band Together For Interesting Adventures. Just a lot of soul-searching, navel-gazing and thinking; a whole less combat and a whole lot of other, more significant issues. And dialogue. And issues of conflict that, for once, doesn’t involve a huge sword or even larger displays of power and magic.

I recommend it to anyone looking for something that’s not LOTR-based, since, as we all know, that cursed book has quite the strong foothold in many a mind today. Not all fantasy books are like that. Heck, even Issac Asimov, the guy who invented the Three Laws of Robotics and wrote I, Robot, also wrote fantasy stories, quite palatable ones at that.

Drowning yourself in music is a funny sensation, like putting your head underwater without the water, but a lot more light and sound. Feels bloody odd, y’know? Fatigued eyes because the music’s all in the computer. A mind half-heartedly doped with weak endorphins that can hardly match the post-workout high, because there aren’t enough New Pin and Bone Marrow-like songs. A hot-cold body because it’s been raining a whole lot more than it should have. And the thoughts running here and there, ooh. What I’d do for a cure…

Palliative escapism rocks. Who cares if the problem’s not going to go away, drown yourself in the moment. Have fun. Don’t think of the consequences of staring at a CRT for so damned long. Ignore the tinnitus that occasionally drops by to visit. Don’t even think. Let Reason out the window, and Emotion in through the door. It always works out in the end.

I know I’m violating several principles here that include Lyrics Do Not A Blog Post Make, and Don’t Blog About Overtly Personal Issues Because No One Cares On The Internet but the songs were pretty. And I bet they don’t even make up half of this post.

Regarding Christian music

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

This is a mostly-rant. Mostly-rants are when you mostly rant about something, but then divert halfway through the topic to other, more useless and fun information about things you might not have known had you not read the mostly-rant. Like this paragraph you’re reading, since I’m pretty sure you’ll know what I mean by a “mostly-rant” after this, ha. Without further irony:

With a friend a few days back, when the subject of Christian music came up.
“I don’t like it,” she said.
This was pretty surprising given that she’s the type of person people assume to give Christian music CDs to thanks to this “good-girl” image they have of her in their heads; but I kept my silence and was surprised how much we had in common on the subject. Being not guilty of the aforementioned assumption (the last CD I gave her was Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, hardly Christian) I couldn’t help but smile. And wince for all those well-meaning people.

“Not even Hillsongs?” “No, they all sound the same. Boring.” I grinned at the inherent paradox. “I get you. Too ‘direct’, aren’t they? With the same, recurrent lyrics.” “Yeah! Not forgetting how non-Christians can’t relate to songs like those…”
“What about Switchfoot?” I asked. “Switchfoot – they’re okay, I guess.” She replied.
Rightfully so. I like Switchfoot, and it’s probably one of the rare exceptions that actually don’t betray my good sense of melody – they’ve got catchy riffs, lyrics that appeal to both sides of the field as it were, a band that’s overall awesome in both doctrine and tune without going awry either way.

For the sake of painfully-hard-to-reconstruct conversations I guess I’ll switch back to narrative. So Christian music sucks, a lot of it. You might beg to differ, but I’ll leave the begging to you while I differ. In all honesty, the rate at which people devour the latest Hillsongs albums always leaves me in wonder, wonder and amazement at how something so terribly unpalatable in the audio sense can appeal to this particular demographic all because of how it’s vaguely “religious”, and therefore holy, and therefore fit for mass consumption.

Have you ever stepped back for a minute and compared what you’re listening to to “secular” music for an instant, and noticed the difference? Not the saccharine pop, trashy punk or butchered (here meaning censored) generic rap/hip-hop on radio, but real, good music.

That’s another thing that always bugged me no end. With a few, more retarded radical people I’ve had the misfortune of being briefly acquainted with, it always jarred on the nerves how they referred to any music not Christian as “secular”. Sure, now get off your high horse, freak. I must’ve been into boy bands at the time, but it struck, and still strikes me as one of the most misguided things I’ve ever heard about.

This might come as a newsflash to some of you, but no. Classifying something as “secular” and shunning everything but the alternative is nothing short of naivety, or stupidity if I might be blunt (sometimes I think it’s a necessity). What about the clothes you’re wearing, those are secular too aren’t they? Your lovely Nike shoes, Levis jeans and Giordano T-shirt weren’t made by God-fearing, bible-thumping Christians, they in all likelihood were made by sweatshop workers in China, who in turn are exploited by the godless, heathen CEOs. Maybe you should go back to fig-leaves.

Or that burger you’re going to bite in – why bother? McDonalds never was a Christian institution with Christian values. Put those Pringles down. P&G’s hardly the epitome of godliness.  Stop eating- wait, did I say stop eating? I believe I did. Stop going to the movies. The only things you’re allowed to watch: The Passion, The Prince of Egypt, Joseph: King of Dreams, and any other directly-Christian flicks that come to mind. No X-Men, no Spider-Man, no Superman.

Definitely an extreme example, but people like those do exist. I know, I know, we’ve got to accept people for who they are, their opinions, their choices, but in the same breath so do you my opinions on other people’s opinions, and choices! Which makes freedom of speech so intrinsically beautiful.

Now for the other end of the spectrum. You, the average Joe/Jane. To what ends and means do you people actually listen to Christian songs for? A perceived image boost among peers, as opposed to sinful heathens like me who’s never listened to a Hillsongs song on his own initiative outside of church? Surely, not the technical proficiency aspect, like how Altered Frequency’s got good musicians (but brilliantly unsound doctrine in their songs)? Do people even ask “why” anymore?

There’s a time and place for everything, and while I don’t mean to dismiss Christian music in its entirety – Switchfoot, for instance, is definitely industry-standard. Thousand Foot Krutch, which’s on my To-Download list, who also were nominated for the Juno awards for two consecutive years. Deb Fung, if you’ve heard of her. So there’s still hope.

I don’t know exactly what bugs me so much – maybe it’s how, in an overtly improper display of Self over God, the artiste thinks, “hey, it’s only God, we don’t have to make or write good music. It’s worshipping him, it’s a ‘personal thing’, He’ll understand!” And this thought is thusly brought down the food chain where it meets the consumer, who is in turn fed, through listening to the wretched album, messages like: If you’re doing it for God, it’s alright being mediocre. The thought counts, not the effort. Listening to and supporting awful music under the guise of ‘worship’ is perfectly fine, because you’re worshipping God, not man, and Jesus isn’t Simon Cowell. Indeed.

I remember an issue of Phases while it was still being printed, in which there was this cartoon, and a character saying “Is God really pleased at the noises we pass off as music?” No, really, is He? I’d rather put my support behind one good (Christian) band or artiste than ten horrid ones, but apparently quantity is everything. Not quality. Go us.

To summarize: step out of your shell if you’re the extremist type who only listens to “non-secular” stuff. Think about the reasons you listen to the aforementioned music. Think about why you’re fine with your Christian music sounding mediocre, or complacency in general.

Feel free to change my mind about this, though, since I’m always open for debate. (;

Rules of attraction

Saturday, 8 July 2006

Shatterday. On a random note.

Not seeing your classmates for over ~3 years straight and then seeing them on a quasi-, blue-moon basis is disconcerting, to say the least. True, the same goes for practically anything, and I’ll go out of my way to emphasise the “anything” since I think there’s got to be something said for people you saw on a daily basis — those who you thought couldn’t get any uglier got better, those who you thought decent looking degenerating into Gollum-type beings…

But I’d blame it on the long hair, the lank greasy type that makes me cringe. And cigarettes, and binge drinking — there’s a lot to be said on those. Everyone gets fatter. The thin get fat, the fat usually get fatter (with the exception of yours truly), the obese threaten to burst their clothing upon repeated breaths. And if you haven’t put on weight you’ve adopted a cool habit, like drugs. Or the pre-lung/liver cancer inducing treatment mentioned.

Having said and done that, whoever manages to quantify and rationalize the rules of attraction to <object> is going to be filthy rich one day. Have you heard of ACIDMAN (sic)? I don’t really get what attracts me to them, but then again when people are asked “What do you like about ____?” they usually give an answer that’s nothing but a waste of words.

It’s like, every rock band’s the same — bass, drums, guitar, vocals; maybe the odd jazz touch if you’re into that fusion thing; post-editing miscellaneous; maybe the odd DJ or so; and yet bands of varied coherence and melody emerge on the soundscape, and people like them for different reasons.

Maybe what makes a discerning music junkie’s a dislike of repetition.. True, it isn’t a guaranteed, but why’d one choose to listen, over and over again, to bands that sound from the same mould? It’s hard to comprehend the concept, it’s like saying you love cheese, and aside from the basic compounds of nutrition required to live, all you eat is cheese — mozzarella, gorgonzola, cheddar, parmesan, blue — the works.

Or steak. Would you like to, aside from the odd supplement of vitamins, minerals and other essential elements that allow you to function, live on steak for the rest of your life? Sure enough, there’s variety: T-bone, fillet, minute, ribs, shank — but that’s still essentially steak.

There’s got to be something involved in the process of neurons connecting to the nerves, to the pleasure centre of the brain that’s possible to be controlled (which would enable me to like genres I’ve always hated, hopefully); I just hope it’s discovered in my lifetime.

Viva la mainstream!

Note to self: Stop depending on Jon to drive. Damn it. Better still, start bugging Dad for driving lessons to begin. I want to watch Kahn in action but I can’t. Argh.