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The will be that was

Friday, 24 August 2007

Young Writers Camp 2007 was an unexpected groundswell of growing up. A newly-discovered pocket of maturity. Somewhere along the lines of always being the follower, I was none too abruptly grafted into the role of leader, complete with a little screaming and kicking along the way from the inside. It’s a weird feeling, surely, a far cry from being the small kid the older ones would dote over and indulge in their little ways; from being the one laughing at the jokes to the one cracking them.

But I’m sure I’m the last of the old crowd. Almost everyone’s left, as people do when they grow up. Some have university to attend. Others — well, alright, most — aren’t even in the country to begin with. Then there’s that multi-headed Hydra, that tenuous beast called Work. A terrible fate indeed.



KL Lit Fest ’07 – Day Two/Three

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

This should have been up last Friday ages ago, but the problem with sleep debt’s that the interest’s rather high, and I’ve been struggling to meet the minimum payments. Anyway, now that that’s cleared up (ooh, look at the incoming traffic).

When Ms. Audrey, my Lit lecturer asked me today about the whole thing I found myself going into ums and ahs. Found out later that she was part of the organizing committee while in UM a few years back. Shows how incestuous the literary scene in KL is… not like that’s really surprising to begin with.

The rest of the festival was split between more writing tips, more poetry, even more writing tips and to cap it all off, a rather subdued ending with Camilla Gibbs at The Marmalade.

Tash Aw was at his finest again with The Endings, working his charm over the audience, occasionally inserting bits of what I faintly guessed was dry British wit. The audience this time around had apparently learnt from yesterday and crowded around in front. I was contented to secure a place far behind, out of reach this time.

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to say that yes, I did get his autograph. Couldn’t find his book, but I suppose that wasn’t that important. Got to take my picture with him, but I still think this one with the duck’s superior.

lot more of where that came from at Tarlia’s Flickr. be warned.

KL Lit Fest ’07 – Day One

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The highlight of the day was equal parts horror and wonder: Tash Aw asked me to read the first three sentences of Lolita in front of what seemed like a hundred people.

Yes, that Tash Aw. The one who wrote the novel set in Malaya during the Japanese occupation, that got long-listed for the Man Booker ’05, and then proceeded to win the Whitbread First Novel ’05 award. That guy.

He was really thin, in jeans and a white shirt, with a British accent. Did a workshop called The Beginnings, took us through several extracts from Austen, Hemingway, and two other authors whose names I can’t really place. As the supplied mic wasn’t exactly wireless, he had to get those sitting in front and up close to read out paragraphs from the extracts (all in the name of “audience participation…).

It wasn’t exactly fun given how Lolita’s opening line is the worst thing to read if you get nervous reading in front of a large unknown crowd — it’s got an unbelievable amount of alliteration and assonance in it. Fudged up “light of my life, fire of my loins”, and I’m pretty sure I sounded drunk at the rate I stumbled through it. But after that horrible first sentence it got better. Sat down to applause.

Guess I’d better get that book signed tomorrow… wonder how many people were actually there for the writing bit and not the “ZOMG FAMOUS ‘MALAYSIAN’ AUTHOR MUST SIGN BOOK!!11” bit. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt though, there were plenty of people taking notes.

lol Starbucks lol
the obligatory pretentious Starbucks picture (because it’s cool to take pictures of it, I kid you not) makes its appearance here. goodie bag on left.

Eda Kriseova’s session after lunch was a bit hazy. (more…)

iWant… ):

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

After a session of FF7, happened to notice that my feed reader had updated with news about the MacWorld 2007 Keynote. Some Mac-related blog I’d happened to add the other day from WordPress. It’s the latest in technology, quips the site. Something about by-the-minute updates, no refreshing needed. So I clicked on the link — not without some trepidation, because I’d to wake at 9 the next morning — and got sucked into the next two hours of streaming text and pictures.

I don’t really know how to go about this, so I guess pictures (from engadget) will be better.

It's beautiful.


Will be sorely missed

Thursday, 4 January 2007

This will be my attempt at a pre- 2007, post- 2006 thing while trying to make it less so than all the boring generic “zOMG itz New Year!11” ones I’ve read so far, in addition to bundling in a few things I left out, like the EFCM camp. And it’s four days late too — but my PC’s power supply unit was being retarded again. On New Year’s Eve, which is the worst time ever for anything you own to break down since businesses generally don’t open…

Anyway. EFCM was great, as camps generally are in that pleasantly rowdy manner. No, the only girls I went out of my way to know were my group members (sans Monica, but not because she isn’t/wasn’t a girl..). Yes, it — the LIFEgame thing — was pretty awesome stuff. Probably mind-blowing to those younger ones who haven’t really gotten a taste of life per se, but hey, only half of it was new to me so I guess it wasn’t that much of a deal.

There wasn’t much time to socialize, in any case. The groups had an average of about 12+/- people, yet so much time was spent talking about the game that it wasn’t funny. Attempts at light, trivial conversation would inevitably digress into more talk about the game — which, incidentally, simulated life at a pretty high level. A lot of freedom within the structure of the game, yet not so much that people could go wild with crime, chaos and whatnot. Some did.

Watching the guys I know — not named here for obvious reasons — go about their flirting made me feel young again. (:

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

— Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Dry faces in high places

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

I didn’t get many photos, but I assume that that’d be a side-effect of doing a whole lot more than taking pictures the whole time (no offence to those who own real cameras out there, of course — my K750i only can do so much).

The camp was nice, if you discount how yours truly, with his skin condition being what it is, loathes how the highlands, be they Genting, Frasers, or Camerons, now wreaks havoc on his skin. But I guess there’s a drawback to everything…

Caught a few videos with my phone. It was really purely out of boredom and a lack of lively company that got us started at playing funny games with the 45 degree ledge that makes up the fireplace, and a miniature version of ping-pong involving the generic coffee table and legs propped up; but it was fun nevertheless.

There was a regrettably splintered group of four; since Jon had to go back early, Hon Chien was in another apartment, and Lukas, being attached and whatnot — it’s kinda sad to see us being there and yet not really during what’s probably going to be our last camp before Lukas leaves.

Somehow the magic of the previous camp was gone — but that’s probably because change happens. As was related to me: some leave, others drop out of church, the standard issue. Being left with a whole lot of relatively new people (realised it was my first camp with the new YA batch…) to warm up to and a lot less of familiar faces to stick around with, wasn’t really that hard after ping-pong and a few rounds of Mafia.

The highlight of the camp, aside from the message, was watching the priceless reactions of a few as “Pastor FTW!!1” was written in the condensation on Pastor Tony’s car — being ignorant of internet jargon that essentially means “Pastor rules/rocks” is one thing; thinking that FTW (for the win) means WTF (what the fuck) backwards is another. LOL.

Getting closer everytime

Monday, 24 July 2006

Backdated entry (basically a lot of pictures of nothing).

It kind-of sucked to have to go all the way there only to go back as Jason had dinner at 5, but I guess sitting in his new car made up for it. Yeah, I know, only 3 days left and I still haven’t seen Doulos since I was 12 — but I guess I should’ve asked around earlier.

Figured that since it was a Sunday, there was a lot of people. Heard from Lukas later that it took 2 ½ hours to get it. And we were so close too — I had this joke going about how it felt like Fear Factor on the way out (You braved the rain, almost got lost in a kampung, had to stop for directions in some forsaken port, and lined up for an hour!).

A last picture of where our spot in the queue was. Maybe next time around I’ll get even closer…