And now for something different

Like everyone, I don’t feel all that patriotic this Merdeka eve. Maybe it’s the son-in-law’s fault. The politicians. The blatant corruption, the subsequent denials when said corruption is uncovered, the attitude that if you say something loud enough and long enough it’ll be true. 2 + 2 = 5! True story.

This isn’t going to be the typical (as expected of someone at my age) bitter, cynical, world-weary message you’ve come to groan and cherish, though. While signs point to a Thailand-sque situation where the unenlightened working-class masses are in full support and the middle-class minority dissent since they know the full picture, I’d like to think we’re better off. Or not.

I don’t watch TV anymore, but I caught the most eye-rolling inducing advertisement today. It’s the one where that Chinese boy in primary school professes his love for his Malay girl friend to the camera with a little prompting off-screen. I personally find the “interracial-marriage cures all racism and evils!” propaganda disgusting, and I thought our dear Yasmin Ahmad could do with a little less self-insertion. Yes, we know you have a Chinese boyfriend. Get over yourself already.

And ending on that note, we all could do with a little less rose-tinted glasses right now. Who really cares about that kid sampling our national anthem (notice, boys and girls, that splicing it to fit into a song is not the same as mocking it)? We’ve got more important things to take note of. Good thing we’re all sitting up and paying attention.

Happy Birthday, Malaysia. I’ve never felt so indifferent about a birthday before — would usually just forget about it or remember it — but you’re getting along in age. It’s time we stepped in and cured your Parkinsons before it gets worse. Happy 50th.

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3 Comments on “And now for something different”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Well, actually, I thought interracial marriages were a good idea. Until I figured that racists wouldn’t want to marry the races that they loathed anyway, so that’s the end of it. :)

    Happy Merdeka.

  2. flory Says:

    witty? hardly. a cursory thought, a line from Bizarro. recalling. but it’s terribly true.

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