No time no long goodbyes

Friday night — an exhilarating session of Quake 4 and Counterstrike, in salutary farewell for Kin Yan, who goes back today. Take care, will ya? I realise that as I age I tend to sleep less and less the night before the camp. Given my procrastinating nature and how I haven’t really gotten my things in order at the time of writing this (close to 5AM), I guess I’ll skip sleep just this once.

Lack of sleep is a magical thing. You generally grow more articulate (something about sleep deprivation being equal to a certain amount of blood alcohol) and chatty, less reserved. Time seems to take longer and longer. Short-term memory goes. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah.

I don’t know why I go to the Young Writer’s Camps anymore. Maybe it’s a force of habit. I’ve learned all I’ve needed to know these past few years: 4, 5, maybe 6 camps that I’ve been to. Faces have came and went. There’s probably something along the lines of nostalgia, a sentimental maudlin mood that usually accompanies our meeting and parting. There’s the comfort in being around people who pick up puns and wordplay faster than the norm. Or maybe not.

This will probably be my last time attending the YWC as a participant. Was supposed to help out but exams stood in the way, although I’m not too bothered about it myself. With Ethan and Alicia attending this time round, and what with the inevitable group leader mantle I expect and dread to shoulder later on, I guess it’s a good “last camp” as any. Here’s to hoping I don’t run out of lip balm while I’m up there.

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2 Comments on “No time no long goodbyes”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Ah I see…you’re the resident veteran of the YWC. No more. Hehe. And be cheerful for being given *two* leadership mantles. Although the first one was short lived, no doubt.
    Hope to see you around sometime. :)

  2. Owen Says:

    Hey, there you are. Thanks for dropping by. Expect a post about the camp I’ve been planning to make up in a bit… or not. Let me know when you’ve got that blog up and running. And see you around too.

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