My…. what?

Got this off Karcy’s post. “Existential version” made me lol, all the more because it’s sad how it’s true.

Fitting treatment of a shallow, mind-numbingly stupid thing — do you like this song? Like, really really like, not just “oh it’s a cool song” like, but a “this is my bestest song in the whole wide world! ^_^” like. Have you studied the lyrics carefully and still admit to loving a song like this with all your heart?

If that’s true, then here is what you do. Stand in front of a wall. Assume a bowing posture such that all you can see is the ground. Now run into that wall in front of you with your head still in that position. Repeat till you lose consciousness, and/or obtain a cerebral haemorrhage.

Cheers to Alanis Morisette for making an inane song into something golden. Best natural selector if I ever saw one.

P.S: If you’re fortunate enough to have lived such a sheltered life you’ve never heard of the original in all its brainless, blazing glory, here’s a tip — don’t. You’ll want that 5 minutes of your life back when you’re done with it.

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4 Comments on “My…. what?”

  1. ethan Says:

    Stupidity is even stupider in slow motion.

    This is satire. It’s a spoof.

    Therefore, I love it!

  2. Owen Says:

    As do I. I hope you haven’t never see the original.

  3. ethan Says:

    Whoops. I have.

    Come on, one has to know what you’re spoofing to appreciate the spoof.

  4. Owen Says:

    Not really, I thought it was pretty funny to stand on its own.

    I mean, the serious tone of the song, the superficial lyrics, the mind-blowing contrast between the two… perfect. Almost.

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