Racism is pathetic

Garbage in, garbage out? Definitely.

This is one of those “siapa makan cili terasa pedas” posts — not really talking about anyone in particular (although an exchange today definitely provoked this). Still feel burnt by what I said? Awww, that’s tragic, but don’t feel important. You’re not. I doubt racists actually have any significance in my life, except to be ridiculed endlessly.

I never got the whole racial superiority thing.

Or the racial inferiority thing, for that matter.

But how do these things come about? Generalization. Blinding ignorance to the fact that one or two persons, or a group, or a class, or a school full of said race behaving in a certain manner equals the entire race. That’s right, I’m sure you’ve gotten to know all four hundred and seventy nine of them personally, nevermind your illogic about how your experience(s) with that immensely small sample size equates that race being inferior to the rest.

I just don’t get it.

Sometimes I think we deserve all the injustice we’ve been dealt. You’re brought up in a racialist environment, true; your parents darkly mutter in hushed tones and shake their heads about the state of things; people are taught to stick to their own race; race relations aren’t exactly at an all-time high; yet what do you do to brighten up matters?

Nothing. Instead, you abhor the sight of the “other race”, as if you were unique in your hatred. You’re not, really — you’re just another dumb drone sucking away at the hive mind of hatred and wretchedness. Is this really insulting? Of course it is, but in turn, so is the matter at hand. To say nothing of the 6 million Jews long gone post-Holocaust.

There probably is a justification for racism out there, but it probably died along with Hitler. Maybe you could take things into perspective by realising despite your so-called ‘achievements’ in life so far that you use as your superiority complex towards fuelling your hatred, for all that — there’ll always be someone of that race you loathe so much that’s better than you.

I’ve always nursed an annoyance against racists so I guess this post is more late than anything. Those jokes about about racial stereotypes and belittling are funny for all of five seconds, much like the time it took you to think before opening your mouth.

Suppose a good pre-emptive against those who say I’m being “emo” over this — no, not really. Some people like to use “emo” as a blanketing label against opinions which don’t sync with theirs, which is of course pitiful, but since you’re already racist to begin with, might as well expand your know-it-all cloak to include pseudo-logic, right?

Normal updates should resume after this, been trying to break the vicious cycle of sleeping at 4-5 a.m. this whole week to success. An entire week of blissful REM sleep was the result.

I feel much better already. :>

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6 Comments on “Racism is pathetic”

  1. enilit Says:

    Sigh. Same here. Just blew my top a few weeks ago when friend made insensitive racist remarks. :(

  2. Owen Says:

    Was said friend Singaporean? :x

  3. Owen Says:

    Only makes it worse.

  4. ethan Says:

    This is good. You get provoked, you post something. Get annoyed!

  5. Owen Says:

    I would be offending all the himbos, airheads, and posers I knew if I did this on a regular basis… just sayin’.

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