Lamplight of the season

It’s the middle of the month already? How time flies…

This looks like something from Madeline L'Engel's books. The drawing style.
…literally. You don’t want to know what was the context of this was, either.

About the new theme: I was, in all honesty, tremendously elated at my theme request finally being chosen after months of waiting. Then some killjoy had to say “you hardly blog le… -_-“, so I guess I’m under orders to. Not like I wouldn’t have (they chose my suggestion to implement this, out of the ton of requests, and first to boot!) anyway, but yeah. Can hardly be bothered to sit down and rack my head for something out of the ordinary, since the weather, well.

It’s been so bloody hot that I’d give a lot to play with snow at the moment. “Sweating buckets” suddenly takes on a whole new paradigm — I sweat a lot. Sitting anywhere without proper air circulation does it. Walking outside in non-air-conditioned temperatures does it. Played ping-pong just now in what felt like a mild, normal temperature and my face literally rained sweat every minute or so. The first shirt I took off later was so soaked I could wring it about 5 times, I kid you not. Ugh. And I don’t know if I want to go back for Chinese New Year at this rate — there aren’t many trees in Kampar. 100x the heat over there.

While this is also a day late, I’d like to say that you’re so unique for hating Valentines.

Really. I think the number of people who do and choose to inflict their well-worn, insignificant, in-your-face, clichéd, angst-filled, straw man opinion need to be locked up somewhere for all that hate. Preferably in a pink, padded cell with fluffy hearts, even pinker bunny soft toys holding dark pink heart-shaped boxes of heart-shaped chocolate (with strawberry filling…) and something from Pink M2M playing in the background. Until it’s all over.

Because they’re just as bad as the side that romanticises it. Freaks.

Contributed two short pieces for SparkPlugged recently after getting to know the owner through, and I guess I’ll have to grudgingly admit that I like writing editorial-style stuff. Not as much as creative writing, but the words come a lot more easier when you don’t have to think about plot, literary devices, and whatnot.

How many of you are going back this year? I don’t really know if I want to- my dying ailing grandma’s the only reason I should; on the other hand, some good filial piety’s going to do me when I’m melting in a puddle somewhere in boiling Perak. Choices, choices… guess it wouldn’t hurt to sleep on this one.

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