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After a session of FF7, happened to notice that my feed reader had updated with news about the MacWorld 2007 Keynote. Some Mac-related blog I’d happened to add the other day from WordPress. It’s the latest in technology, quips the site. Something about by-the-minute updates, no refreshing needed. So I clicked on the link — not without some trepidation, because I’d to wake at 9 the next morning — and got sucked into the next two hours of streaming text and pictures.

I don’t really know how to go about this, so I guess pictures (from engadget) will be better.

It's beautiful.

No, it really is.

The main menu.

Horizontal mode.

Library of pictures.

Of course, everything’s got its pros and cons, and this is no different. Only 5 hours of battery life for talktime/watching videos. 16 hours if you’re listening to music. Only a 2-megapixel camera. And of course, the question that everyone wants to know, and the reason I didn’t go to bed the moment the iPhone was announced, but stayed up a bit later: the price.

'Contract' here meaning 'more expensive if you buy it without one'

Ouch. Oh well, there’s always the 2nd and 3rd gen models to look forward to…

Read more about it here:
Live from Macworld 2007
Apple – iPhone

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