Will be sorely missed

This will be my attempt at a pre- 2007, post- 2006 thing while trying to make it less so than all the boring generic “zOMG itz New Year!11” ones I’ve read so far, in addition to bundling in a few things I left out, like the EFCM camp. And it’s four days late too — but my PC’s power supply unit was being retarded again. On New Year’s Eve, which is the worst time ever for anything you own to break down since businesses generally don’t open…

Anyway. EFCM was great, as camps generally are in that pleasantly rowdy manner. No, the only girls I went out of my way to know were my group members (sans Monica, but not because she isn’t/wasn’t a girl..). Yes, it — the LIFEgame thing — was pretty awesome stuff. Probably mind-blowing to those younger ones who haven’t really gotten a taste of life per se, but hey, only half of it was new to me so I guess it wasn’t that much of a deal.

There wasn’t much time to socialize, in any case. The groups had an average of about 12+/- people, yet so much time was spent talking about the game that it wasn’t funny. Attempts at light, trivial conversation would inevitably digress into more talk about the game — which, incidentally, simulated life at a pretty high level. A lot of freedom within the structure of the game, yet not so much that people could go wild with crime, chaos and whatnot. Some did.

Watching the guys I know — not named here for obvious reasons — go about their flirting made me feel young again. (:

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

— Alfred, Lord Tennyson

And in tandem with last year, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to make public my list of New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a funny thing, this tradition — why’s it so that pledges of self-improvement (or a list to make for thing you always wanted to do but didn’t have the time for) always have to come around this time? Oh, right, it’s a new year. I don’t know why they don’t have it on other occasions — pretty sure Christmas Resolutions wouldn’t sound, or look out of place. Easter Resolutions? Birthday Resolutions? Haha. Maybe not.

It’s always so difficult to raise that bar a little bit more, to get yourself up to that place you want to reach. It always is. So I thought I’d up the ante this year, and increase it to eight from last year’s dismal four. No harm in trying, and hey — even if I only manage half, that’s 100% of what I pledged to do last year. Either way I win!

  1. Five o’clock shadow (or, more facial hair!!!)
  2. Look my best for 21st.
  3. Write a minimum of twice/month.
  4. Makeshift.
  5. Study harder, play hard
  6. Bible in a year
  7. Fruits.
  8. Frou Frou — Let Go

Was asked yesterday about true friendship; if I really knew what it was; if I had experienced it — but it didn’t really get me replying because I already knew what it was and what I was going to say if I spoke, but I didn’t; it’s pretty hard to change someone’s mind when they’re bent on presenting their opinion as gospel truth. A lesson I’m still learning from last year would be to save my energy on people like those. :P

It’s so exhausting to have to face your old demons again just when you thought you’d put everything behind — that’s so ’03. Yet it seems like everything’s back to the way it was with that rearing its head again. What’s true friendship? I’ll tell you what it isn’t. It isn’t making a yes-man out of your friend. It isn’t about filling your friend with opinions, beliefs, thoughts, and actions that are exclusively yours, with scant disregard to how twisted or maligned they might be. It isn’t about turning your friend into another you, another little clone brainwashed by your legendary charisma and persuasive skills.

It’s about accepting someone for who they are, closing an eye to their imperfections and uplifting their qualities. It’s about valuing their opinion, about building someone up and being there for them, disregarding how much you might disagree with them over things. Since when did friendship had to do with more of “Me” and less of “You”? I’ve always thought it was the other way around. But things can always be twisted to look wrong, you’ve just got to taint the looking-glass a little.

Funny how small questions could hold so much. Blessed ’07, everyone!

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    Will be sorely missed | Postherpetic Neuralgia

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