and Joseph said…

…”advertise me on your blog!” Or something close to that. So, here goes: Zhong Xin, aka Joseph, aka JYZX, has a new blog.

lol @ bored choir pictures
and apparently he’s quite pleased about it.

You can read it in all its gold-and-black glory, here.

In other news, no more classes till next year! Now it feels like Christmas, despite how short a break that’s going to be. No more waking up at ungodly hours (anything less than 11…), no more trying to digest King Lear and the Education chapter of Sociology with a headache. The next couple of days are going to be hectic, and the only problem I have is that all this preparation for the big day has left me without time for exercise. Or sleep. Can’t really exercise without sleep.

But it does feel like Christmas. I don’t know what exactly contributes to it — maybe it’s the warm, soft glow of the tree at night. The smell of quiches and turkey in the air. The counting down of days (and the lack of awareness of time that occasionally comes along with it) to dinners, dinners, and more dinners; carolling, choir, and a final dinner to cap it off. The general feel of the day when you wake every morning prior, the sunlight that seems to be screaming “IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR!” falling softly on your face.

I should be doing other things at the moment; only almost an hour till dinner #3. Two of my cousins are over, helping Mum cook for her own family’s dinner later. Maternal grandmother’s half-asleep on the couch, or at least she looks like it when she’s not shuffling towards the toilet ever so often. Sucks to have to reduce the volume of songs halfway even though it’s at the same volume, but it could be worse. Like she could be asleep, or hate rock music with a passion, or something.

There’s a lot I should be doing, but I can’t seem to be bothered. I can leave it till the last minute. And listen to more music. Somehow the old carols aren’t that appealing anymore — or maybe it’s because singing them every Sunday afternoon for practice, two to three hours at a stretch, has that effect. It’s nice to just lie back, do a lot of nothing, and revel in the moment. Also because I won’t, or shouldn’t be doing this when it’s all over. For now, though.

Just three more days.

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