Belated and absent

Finally back online after 17 days. More on that later. For now, though:

A very late, yet in no way less appreciative thank-you to all who remembered, in some way or another, my birthday last Sunday — those who wrote notes on the card I received, smsed, greeted, or was part of that choir surprise Group pic.(had no idea, I swear, right up till Simeon started playing the first notes), whether voluntary or involuntary… thanks. Really made my day.

And a small shoutout to the CounterStrike gang who, despite missing two guys who were in Singapore at the time, still gave me enough free kills cannon fodder highs to last the day. The rest of the day was littered with singing, drowsy half-naps in the car, erratic rain, and Pizza Hut @ Damansara.

Another thank-you goes out to Ruth, Grace, Hon Chien, Irwinder, and Jeremy for the high-class, undeniably awesome ping-pong bat I got as a present. I know, I know; everyone still beats me flat and I’m standing pretty low as it is on the ranking ladder among our group — but I’ll definitely get better with the help of this, if recent games against the Yeow brothers and Hon Chien are anything to go by. Heh. It’s even named after some China player whom I’m admittedly ignorant about since I don’t really follow the going-ons as it is, and I don’t see how you can get any more high-class than that.

What a birthday. It really is true, though, what they say, about the best presents that can’t be bought. I got one of those.

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