Caffeine-Powered Adventures™

My butt muscles hurt.

It’s one of those days everyone talks about, the little something you can’t really put your finger on. There was gym yesterday, the Stairmaster on setting #2 — as opposed to setting #1, which I’m more used to — was 20 minutes of breathless cardio. Then the Prostate Health talk, then home; was up till 4 in the a.m. talking about SATs and other quasi-related stuff to two friends.

I told Tien Li if anyone caught me yawning I’d go “oh, this girl in Singapore…” which would technically be a truth, nevermind how she’s a Malaysian from Johor and studying at NTU.

Woke up this morning at 7:15, groped my handphone for the “Off” button, and promptly fell into a dream. A psychedelic one in this flourescent-lit house with shadows where everyone was there — reminiscent of carolling. A respected figure in church I don’t really feel like naming here wearing a familiar black T-shirt with dark blue designs on it a few sizes too small.

Like how most dreams aren’t sequential and don’t make sense, the dream then cut to Jon talking about his having to leave his wife and kids in Singapore, the look on their faces; Lukas was there, with Lydia, and it felt like a glimpse of the future — a reunion of sorts, perhaps? That struck me as absurd, that and the seven or so A-Levels subjects I took in the dream (I got two A’s, a lot of C’s , E’s) and the certificate that came along with it…

It was 8 when I woke again. A frantic bath-and-grooming later and the rest of the family was in the car, ready to go. Maybe a bit of context’s necessary — I was as happy as a lark after waking up, bordering on loony — I’m usually surly and irritable in the mornings, but I think I was in a better mood because I didn’t feel tired at all. Apparently if you’re awakened after REM-sleep or during it the fatigue’s more severe.

After choir I played ping-pong for two hours, and that’s how my butt now aches. Agony when I move. Sitting hurts, walking hurts, and I know it isn’t that healthy to operate on so little sleep, but it’s been ages since one of those all-day caffeine-fuelled trips. Thank God for coffee; even more so since Irwinder suggested I try it with Horlicks. (:

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2 Comments on “Caffeine-Powered Adventures™”

  1. Lukas Says:

    hey man… my butt hurts too. hehe… i cycle too much. too often. sigh… but i have to nonetheless…

    thanks for ur post when i left. sorry it took so long to say it.

  2. Owen Says:

    Hey. (: Yeah, I heard about your cycling (was a CG prayer item, actually). ‘s great though, at least at this rate you’ll be able to build those leg muscles! Haha. I’m doing this by choice, so…

    About the post — it’s my pleasure. I know you’ve been busy and all that, so it’s fine. Take care. Hope you’re doing well over there.

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