In Nine Months

See you then.

The man himself.

I suppose those who aren’t in the know should, so here’s a brief. Strangers, Lukas, who left for Cambridge — technically — today. Lukas, strangers.

It seemed like only yesterday that we were in our school uniforms after school, I think; it would be a Tuesday, or maybe a Wednesday if my memory serves me correctly. We’d meet in the idyll comfort of Jon’s house because you still stayed far away then. And then have Bible Study, and talk. The four of us — your martyred forbearing, Hon Chien’s long-suffering smiles, Jon’s idiosyncratic laughter, and my indulgent firebrand antics.

I have taken the four of us for granted in years. That happens, though, and sooner or later we all stop being ungrateful, or ungranted, if only for such a word. Aside from how I’m going to have to have next to no one with the capacity to debate without losing it like most do, or be one less person to keep immediate (immediate since you’ll hear all about it eventually, there’s the internet for you) records of my accomplishments — I guess you’re irreplaceable.

Have a nice one in Paris; in the meantime I thought the other two guys make a nice gay couple from afar while ordering my dinner, pointing to my seat. They obviously were in denial despite what was said, because this was their reaction- note the hand over shoulder bit.


Having you gone would probably be like this wonder of a lychee-lemon-honey drink I had for two-fifty during my meal — the price’s somewhat worth it, even more so when you realise how it helps me appreciate other drinks better; not because they taste any more or less, not because they’re cheaper or more expensive; but because I realised while typing this that I have a sore throat, and that the honey in the drink helped, and that this metaphor is absurd, to say nothing of it still being relevant in an abstract way.

If dispensing bad advice was a felony, then you’d have a spotless record. Thanks for all that. Be well. Oh, and enjoy Fruits Basket.

Awesome drink

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