A Music (mostly) Collage

Cut for main page’s sake.

acidmanandrew w.karctic monkeysasian kung-fu generationbeckbic rungabjorkcapsulechihiro onitsukadashboard confessionaldensha otokodive into disneydo as infinitydoping pandafoo fightersfrente!frou froufuneral for a friendhigh and mighty colorhome made kazokuhoney & cloverimogen heapincubusjack johnsonjames bluntjamie cullumjamiroquaijosh grobanjustin timberlakekaori natorilifehousemaaya sakamotomellowdronemelody.mindless self indulgencemondo grossomorphinemosh pit on disneymy chemical romancenorah jonesoceansizeorange rangered hot chili pepperssambomastershiina ringosoulheadstraightenersuemitsu & the suemithsuga shikaosuneohairswitchfootsystem of a downteddy geigerthe aftersthe band apartthe vision of escaflownethousand foot krutchtokyo jihentomiko vanyoko kanno

Taken from LiveJournal Interests Collage, but only works if you’ve an LJ account. I do. Or did, or had, rather.

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