Dry faces in high places

I didn’t get many photos, but I assume that that’d be a side-effect of doing a whole lot more than taking pictures the whole time (no offence to those who own real cameras out there, of course — my K750i only can do so much).

The camp was nice, if you discount how yours truly, with his skin condition being what it is, loathes how the highlands, be they Genting, Frasers, or Camerons, now wreaks havoc on his skin. But I guess there’s a drawback to everything…

Caught a few videos with my phone. It was really purely out of boredom and a lack of lively company that got us started at playing funny games with the 45 degree ledge that makes up the fireplace, and a miniature version of ping-pong involving the generic coffee table and legs propped up; but it was fun nevertheless.

There was a regrettably splintered group of four; since Jon had to go back early, Hon Chien was in another apartment, and Lukas, being attached and whatnot — it’s kinda sad to see us being there and yet not really during what’s probably going to be our last camp before Lukas leaves.

Somehow the magic of the previous camp was gone — but that’s probably because change happens. As was related to me: some leave, others drop out of church, the standard issue. Being left with a whole lot of relatively new people (realised it was my first camp with the new YA batch…) to warm up to and a lot less of familiar faces to stick around with, wasn’t really that hard after ping-pong and a few rounds of Mafia.

The highlight of the camp, aside from the message, was watching the priceless reactions of a few as “Pastor FTW!!1” was written in the condensation on Pastor Tony’s car — being ignorant of internet jargon that essentially means “Pastor rules/rocks” is one thing; thinking that FTW (for the win) means WTF (what the fuck) backwards is another. LOL.

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