Reading this? Will be-

-away. Unless you’re stalking my blog, or didn’t go. Hope it’s the latter.

Aside from how I’m going to wake at 8:00 for a bath in four hours or so and then CounterStrike, or how it’s too late in the night/early in the a.m. as it were, I guess all would be fine. I really am. And I haven’t even packed. Bumming to the sweet smooth lull of ACIDMAN alone at night is bliss.

It’s been 2 years, not 3 like I thought it was. Time, you scoundrel, you. People had different relationships — I can only smile at the odd pairings that were in the air then (I even remember wishing one, in particular, well; how that seems so hilarious now). I was a lot more closer with others, less so with more, so it’s interesting how I’ve been trawling the two ends of the spectrum with regards to friends. Trust is a rare commodity.

And with returning to this campsite I sojourned to in ’04, I leave this broadband connection and aging rig behind. A hiatus for about 3 and a ½ days. I should be back on Tuesday.

About shoes, I got them today. Old pair(s) fraying and whatnot, accelerated wear and tear that I can only attribute and thank to the incessant working-out at gym, nowadays somewhat regretfully toned down. Right after college, a jaunt to the nearby Adidas warehouse which didn’t reveal much; just a lot of overpriced crap which proved to be true after visiting JJ nearby.

It’s almost like God’s having a little laugh at your expense when you first find the most utterly perfect pair of foot sheaths ever only to have the price out of your reach. Then you look and find a second pair, wear them. Oh, I’m sorry sir, we’ve only got size 9, and 9 ½, and you’re a size 11? Sorry. Everything on sale’s a lot smaller or bigger than it should. Then a third pair; I’m sorry, we’ve only got size 12.

Then I noticed a pair of shoes that had been there all along, a nondescript pair that my eye hadn’t caught earlier. It was probably like every other shoe I had looked at in the afternoon, but something about it told me it was my type. Right. I was looking for Running, not Basketball or Tennis, X-Training or the like.

Later a smiling salesgirl comes with the perfect size. It’s the perfect colour. A perfect fit.
I tried them on for a short walk, bought it. Love at first hike.

All of the above is true — in fact, I got the money for shoes off a friend who bought off my old, gathering-dust collection of Magic: The Gathering cards, about RM120; although it was rather regrettable how I had to extricate the last, promised-since-the-1st-of-August half that was RM60 from his unwilling hands only yesterday.

You’ll be seeing the pair of shoes a lot more often, and most likely than not put to good use, unlike a lot of people I know who have more branded footwear than they can wear and yet hardly use them for their intended purpose — but metaphors are convenient for telling two stories at a time. I love speaking in them. Yet this is taskingly cryptic and blindingly obvious at the same time so you shouldn’t really bother.

Adidas is love. They were on 30%, too, for a cool RM174.

p.s: Get well soon, Jeremy.

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