Like a metronome

This has to be the longest week of my life, or at least it feels like it. And by longest I also mean shittiest. So, make that the longest and shittiest week. A week that hasn’t went well, as far as weeks go.

Realized today that Oceansize’s New Pin and Mellowdrone’s Bone Marrow, both new songs that I happen to be crazy about have something in common — they both have correlating lyrics. They’re about drugs, which figures; it must be my subconscious asserting relevance in some form. They’re also beautiful songs, the type that catches you by the scruff of the neck, and slaps you several times around the face. Yeah, that kind.

Oceansize – New Pin
For goodness wake I’ll always say I do;
That it’s all for you
And the tricks I’d turn would always shine right through;
But it’s all for you

Like a stream overflowing, unpredictable
A new confidence like a new king
Like a breeze levitating to raise a sunken soul
And to the surface shines a new pin

What junkie says is not what junkie do;
But it’s all for you
And the tricks he turns will always shine right through;
But it’s all for you

Like a dream synchronising with the one I miss the most
A concentrated love from a new queen
Like a wave stabilizing I walk a tighter rope
And my new victim shines like a new pin

Like a dream synchronising with the one I miss the most
A concentrated love from a new queen
I can feel lies within the gospels that I’m sold
The tactless sentiments are a new pain
But it’s all for you

A big thank-you to the three kind souls out there who remember me in their prayers, gave me advice, or a mix of both. Yes, men too, can be on the rag. I’m not okay (I promise). Apparently waiting makes time pass slower. Appreciate all the help I can get. I feel like a metronome — ticking back and forth, left right left right to a song I already think I know the ending to. Back and forth.  The tempo sucks.

Mellowdrone – Bone Marrow
Step back and shut the door, you know
I’ve never seen any of these people before
You know it sounds so nice when it comes a friend
I say we all get dolled up and let it begin

Slowly we sink, good as a weight
Hand it over softly, before somebody else gets hurt
Light my hands on fire, my sweet angel
Take my oxygen, my bone marrow
Whatever you do, don’t stop till you’re through
It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright
Take my oxygen, my sweet angel
Oh no, let’s put
The drugs in the back, just like old times in that brown Pontiac
I used to be so strong in the arms
But now they’re small, they’re small

I finished reading this 4-in-1 Earthsea collection, the four being A Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan, The Farthest Shore, Tehanu. It’s about this wizard in this world called Ged, four books that chronicle his life as a child, a teen, a man, and in his old age, with Ged having the focus only in the first book, playing secondary roles in the next two, and a seemingly tertiary role in the last.

It was pretty unusual as far as fantasy stories go, to say nothing of it being incredibly original. No Save The World From Looming Evil Force, no Travelling To Find Obscure Artefact That’ll Bring Peace And Harmony, no A Bunch Of Travellers Band Together For Interesting Adventures. Just a lot of soul-searching, navel-gazing and thinking; a whole less combat and a whole lot of other, more significant issues. And dialogue. And issues of conflict that, for once, doesn’t involve a huge sword or even larger displays of power and magic.

I recommend it to anyone looking for something that’s not LOTR-based, since, as we all know, that cursed book has quite the strong foothold in many a mind today. Not all fantasy books are like that. Heck, even Issac Asimov, the guy who invented the Three Laws of Robotics and wrote I, Robot, also wrote fantasy stories, quite palatable ones at that.

Drowning yourself in music is a funny sensation, like putting your head underwater without the water, but a lot more light and sound. Feels bloody odd, y’know? Fatigued eyes because the music’s all in the computer. A mind half-heartedly doped with weak endorphins that can hardly match the post-workout high, because there aren’t enough New Pin and Bone Marrow-like songs. A hot-cold body because it’s been raining a whole lot more than it should have. And the thoughts running here and there, ooh. What I’d do for a cure…

Palliative escapism rocks. Who cares if the problem’s not going to go away, drown yourself in the moment. Have fun. Don’t think of the consequences of staring at a CRT for so damned long. Ignore the tinnitus that occasionally drops by to visit. Don’t even think. Let Reason out the window, and Emotion in through the door. It always works out in the end.

I know I’m violating several principles here that include Lyrics Do Not A Blog Post Make, and Don’t Blog About Overtly Personal Issues Because No One Cares On The Internet but the songs were pretty. And I bet they don’t even make up half of this post.

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