Catching tails

Been meaning to reply but since I hadn’t the space:


2. cut your hair short!! like mine.. =p don`t have to spike it if u don`t want to ;)

What’s with the same request as Alicia! Still considering deeply. Before the camp.

7. how have singapore change you? lol..

How? Well, I appreciate my friends more now, I’ve learned how sheltered a life we all live in this warm little community we reside in. “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” comes to mind. There’s the more damaged complexion.
And I don’t think it the bed of roses anymore, which a certain someone will definitely be happy to hear.


Write a bimbo blog

Ouch. Yes (finally, one reasonable dare out of four)… in a little while.

Why don’t u have a driver’s license?

When I was of age, the family car was almost always in use everyday. Now that it isn’t and I want to drive, there’s monetary issues. Not the mystery you were hoping for, I guess? :P

A summary of colours/animals:
Alicia: A soothing khaki/Owl.
Sue Ann: Pearl black/White-Handed Gibbon
Tabitha: Dark blue/Owl.
Matthew: Black/Giraffe.

Statistics say I’m a Black Owl. Interesting.

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