Melancholy Cicada-Clover Trains

Oh, ignore the title. Think the Otaku phase that struck me during my mid-teens, about 15, is on again. Albeit with less fanaticism (read: emo), less rose-tinted glasses (don’t ask), less everything negative, a lot more positives than the pessimist in me ‘s used to. Anyway.

The Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi was enlightening. Showed how chronological order, like what I’ve been learning in A-Levels Lit, is all in the state of mind. Basically, when you tell a story you don’t tell in terms of time, how it happened to you blow by blow, but instead you tell the matters that mean the most to you first. Who cares if switching it around so that Episode 1 actually is Episode 11, works? I don’t even care about the amount of people who were- and still are mad about it anymore.

I guess a half-life in the mainstream — boy bands,, pop, rom-coms and slapstick, those utterly disgustingly devoid of story animes and movies, other things you’ve probably been through at some point in your life. Let’s not go into what I used to read, it involved a lot of tacky “horror-for-kids” and two boy detectives with martial-arts skills and hot girlfriends.

Every time I look back on that I tell myself; “don’t judge”. Yet I can’t help it! It’s like how you (most of you? Anyone?) hate looking at younger pictures of yourself because, as kids often do, with undeveloped facial/bone structures you tend to look juvenile, green, not at all a nice projection of Self to the current, teenage, you.

So I’ve learned — what’s mainstream isn’t necessarily evil. Let people love what they love for the reasons they do, and don’t be influenced to dislike what everyone likes; unless, of course, it’s for some utterly absurd, illogical, irritating reason that you can’t help but take a stick of cold, hard, Logic and beat them into the ground with it.

And springing an oh so sweet/KISS HER ALREADY WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING ending on the viewer is, more often than not, met with pleasant results after misleading aforementioned viewer into the assumption that it’s never been about that, since the main character isn’t normal what do you mean she’s doesn’t have normal fee-
-I’ll take note of that. :D

When Cicadas Cry, or Higurashi Naku no Koro ni is a first in a lot of things — a horror/mystery genre that happens to be something new, a form of story-telling that brings the same characters into different, alternate worlds; not so alternate per se as it is just a different way of progressing the plot. The main character, and 2 supporting ones die in the 4th episode, then live again in the 5th as the ‘arcs’ change — here arc meaning alternate world. Too bad this’ still airing. Bah.

Demented highlights include seeing the murders before they unfold; in other words, the first few minutes of the 1st episode was seeing a boy pulp two already battered corpses into the ground with a baseball bat, complete with realistic sound effects. The beginning of the new arc in the 5th episode was a girl ramming her head over and over into a knife held by her propped up against the wall, while another girl looks on and laughs maniacally.

If you’ve heard the argument “exposure to violence in the media desensitizes you to violence in real-life” once, you’ve heard it being ripped apart. So hear it now, as related to me so many years ago by a wise one: assuming you’re desensitized to violence, if I took out a gun and blew apart your parents’ brains in front of you, would you break down into to tears and cry? Yes? Why, congratulations, you’re not desensitized after all, so shut with the absurd argument! Immediately any so-called “studies” done are moot; studying Sociology’s also given me insight into how people quantify stuff like these, and trust me, the bias is strong in this one. (;

Honey & Clover II, the second season of what you’d get by taking away that ‘II’ beside it — still as riveting and emotionally relevant as the previous. I love the non-cliché. H&C took that to a new level by playing off two uncommonly explored relationship dynamics into the mix — unrequited love give a twist by mating it with a love triangle, add unspoken and acted upon tension to the contents, and voila! Then we’ve got the love triangle again, only make this a severely-angled tri-angle that appears to be more than just the 3 people on closer inspection. Imagine a triangle in the 4th dimension, or the 10th, if there were that many dimensions.

It’s also one of the first animes I’ve ever seen to make use of what dramas like Nip/Tuck, The O.C, One Tree Hill and the American bandwagon of it’s ever done — inserting songs in the duration of the episode. Also more irrelevantly the only anime my 2 siblings and I actually love whole-heartedly. And it’s still airing.

Finally, Train Man, or Densha Otoko presents the love story of modern-day fairytales, Japan-style. Won’t go into too much detail regarding this one since the Wiki link’s there for a reason, and I haven’t really finished watching the series, so I’ll write up on that later. But the portrayal of 2ch’s posters made me smile.

Links are meant to be clicked. What’re you waiting for? Go!

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