A time capsule

Wondering aloud how much of this will stay in a decade, if you’re wondering about the title.
This meme tagged by Ethan, whose cynical, sarcastic, acid and intelligent blog entries on a lot of things that matter constantly remind me of what a good upbringing he has, how he’s a chip off the old block and all that. The “Friends” link above is there for a reason, use it!


Awesome people I want to meet
Brandon Boyd.
China Miéville, Oscar Wilde and John Keats.
Makoto Shinkai, Yoshitoshi Abe (both with a translator), Yoko Kanno. Maaya Sakamoto.

Things I can’t live without
My mp3 collection.
Literature and award-winning books.
Good anime.

I wish I could
Fly. No, really. I’ve always wished for these:
1. Power of invisibility – including clothes, obviously.
2. Power of transparency – as in walking through solid objects.
3. Power of flight.
4. Power to use the first 3 powers in any combination at once.

I don’t know what I’d do with it though. Test of conscience? Saving the world? Think I’d fail both. Adding to the list now, though, would be this:
5. The power to use the first 4 powers wisely.

I want
NW-E005F/B, better known as that new Sony 2GB Black flash Walkman.

Songs that I think are awesomeor songs that everybody should listen to so ask me for them on MSN
ACIDMAN Sai (Kouhen)
Suga Shikao – Sorosoro Ikanakucha
Shiina Ringo Yami ni Furu Ame
Tokyo Jihen – Kenka Joutou
Incubus – Stellar
Funeral For A Friend – History
My Chemical Romance – Cemetery Drive

How I see myself in ten years
Married happily – with 2-3 kids, give or take.
Doing something Lit-related as a job; preferably getting paid a lot for it too.
Having international recognition of some form, hopefully encompassing Tash Aw.
Either a pre- or post- published author.
Aging gracefully and not going to seed.

1. I’m unfriendly.
2. Thanks to a habit of being in a bad mood (read: not smiling).
3. Hence having a lack of friends.
4. Which makes me unfriendly. For Mobius Strip, start at 1 again.
I also use big words because I like to show off*. Obviously when people use words they understand and find natural using, they’re showing off since everyone else doesn’t understand them. What else would I be doing that for? Definitely not since I read a lot, no. It has to be sheer conceit and vanity.
*Bringing this up since I heard it insinuated into a conversation today and thought it tragic. You must’ve meant well, yes, but I really need to clear the air on this.

Random facts
A good reason why I’m into Japanese music: because my perception of the song isn’t distorted by lyrics that suck like an octopus’ tentacles.
Jon called me a hypocrite (and rightfully slow) for deliberately downloading music from Japanese bands that sound like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Weezer etc. Which I have a very low opinion of.
Another reason why I like long hair, fringes in particular is because I’ve got a large forehead.

I tag
Alicia, Tabby, Sue Ann; and the other, nameless, silent regulars who read my blog on a regular, or semi-/quasi- basis, if you’re out of things to blog.

In reply to Sue Ann:

2. Go out and have a bro bonding time with your bro? A drink or something. heh.

…okay, confess: how much did he pay you for this? Haha. Kidding. Somewhat. Can I do it in a few years time? There isn’t a deadline to the thing, right?

4. Your writings , blogs. Very very interesting. =)and being a good bro to your sis. Every bro ought to be like that. kekekeke.

I hardly think I’m a good brother (the moment you admit to being a good brother you disqualify yourself from being one), what more my writing being interesting. I think I write a lot of crap. Thanks anyway, appreciate it. (:

7. Do you go food tasting or exploring variety of food alot? Seems as if you know alot bout it when you told me about the chocolates stuff and where to get it. XP

It isn’t really my interest. But I can talk extensively on subjects I know about, and I remembered you liked chocolate, which’s why I talked to you about it. Just general knowledge.

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2 Comments on “A time capsule”

  1. sue ann Says:

    I’ve done your dare! hehe. Acid man sounds ok la. It does prove why I hardly listen to these songs. lolz. Cause I don’t really like them XP

    Oh urm, can i NOT do this tag? XP
    or mayb i’ll do it later..another time..some another time..

    yeah..there’s no dateline to my dare.
    but seriously consider 2do it? hehe.
    plus, your bro didn’t pay me anything. XP

  2. Owen Says:

    Do it whenever. I didn’t set a deadline. I didn’t think you’d find the songs that much to your taste, but at least I tried!

    As for your dare, uh, I’ll see what I can do- in the near future. Or somewhere till then. :P

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