Getting closer everytime

Backdated entry (basically a lot of pictures of nothing).

It kind-of sucked to have to go all the way there only to go back as Jason had dinner at 5, but I guess sitting in his new car made up for it. Yeah, I know, only 3 days left and I still haven’t seen Doulos since I was 12 — but I guess I should’ve asked around earlier.

Figured that since it was a Sunday, there was a lot of people. Heard from Lukas later that it took 2 ½ hours to get it. And we were so close too — I had this joke going about how it felt like Fear Factor on the way out (You braved the rain, almost got lost in a kampung, had to stop for directions in some forsaken port, and lined up for an hour!).

A last picture of where our spot in the queue was. Maybe next time around I’ll get even closer…

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3 Comments on “Getting closer everytime”

  1. alicia Says:

    goodness! when I went there it was like… empty.

  2. Owen Says:

    It was a weekend. No one saw it coming, I can assure you. :Þ

  3. jeremy Says:

    I warned Lukas and Jason that it would be mad going on a Sunday. A friend who’s working on the crew (not Hon Chien) told me that there was almost 9,000 ppl on one of the Sundays. Nuts.

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