Kingdom of Loathing

The Wikipedia entry for this describes it as “a satirical browser game“, but I thought a screenshot would serve better to illustrate my point. It’s technically an MMORPG since it’s massive, there’s a lot of people playing it, and you do play one of six classes. There’s levelling, there’s items to be gained, and you can click on the link here if you’re interested.

Aside from tons of references to pop culture and the groan-worthy but hilarious puns, you probably should play this if you’ve got a little time on your hands. Sis said it was “like NeoPets!”, but I think a comparison to Earth:2025 or Utopia would be better. I never really got what was so great about either, it was nothing but a bunch of numbers.

And I love the stick drawings. Really cute. Message me if you start playing. :D

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One Comment on “Kingdom of Loathing”

  1. lisa Says:

    Will check it out…probably only because of the stickmen. Eerie looking.

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