L for Lukas

My entry for the farewell book we compiled for him (you’d have to watched the movie to get this).


Lo! For lately, leaders lament, this lad, once lame, no longer lisping, is lured to learn in lively lands! Lengthily this litigious, loud lecture leaps and lumbers to liberate this lawyer from a loaded living of lucrative labour. Loquacious for the Lord, lacking in lice, languishing for Lydia, his life leads the looming line of little ones to live his likeness, letting the lurid limp in his luminous lamp. He is lithe, lettered and literate, listlessly liberal, loved, lucid and lucky. His lexicon loathes the lotharios, limits the lugubrious, lulls the liquor, lynches the lunatics. Lie down, laugh not, lower your licks of a lollipop, you lurking loser! Luxuriating in this lyrical, logical, libellous limerick of literature… lest I left out his lineage and be lampooned, it is Lim. Laity, ladies, lovers, lock your loopholes, for I leave you, in lieu of liberty, with our loss of the legendary Lukas.

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2 Comments on “L for Lukas”

  1. ethan Says:

    Too much V for Vendetta, Owen?

  2. Owen Says:

    This is 29 words more, and no, I’ve never seen the movie. But word does get around… I thought this’d be a great thing seeing how there’s more “L” than “V” words in the dictionary (barely).

    A friend did a corresponding Photoshop, I’ll see if I can get it posted.

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