Rules of attraction

Shatterday. On a random note.

Not seeing your classmates for over ~3 years straight and then seeing them on a quasi-, blue-moon basis is disconcerting, to say the least. True, the same goes for practically anything, and I’ll go out of my way to emphasise the “anything” since I think there’s got to be something said for people you saw on a daily basis — those who you thought couldn’t get any uglier got better, those who you thought decent looking degenerating into Gollum-type beings…

But I’d blame it on the long hair, the lank greasy type that makes me cringe. And cigarettes, and binge drinking — there’s a lot to be said on those. Everyone gets fatter. The thin get fat, the fat usually get fatter (with the exception of yours truly), the obese threaten to burst their clothing upon repeated breaths. And if you haven’t put on weight you’ve adopted a cool habit, like drugs. Or the pre-lung/liver cancer inducing treatment mentioned.

Having said and done that, whoever manages to quantify and rationalize the rules of attraction to <object> is going to be filthy rich one day. Have you heard of ACIDMAN (sic)? I don’t really get what attracts me to them, but then again when people are asked “What do you like about ____?” they usually give an answer that’s nothing but a waste of words.

It’s like, every rock band’s the same — bass, drums, guitar, vocals; maybe the odd jazz touch if you’re into that fusion thing; post-editing miscellaneous; maybe the odd DJ or so; and yet bands of varied coherence and melody emerge on the soundscape, and people like them for different reasons.

Maybe what makes a discerning music junkie’s a dislike of repetition.. True, it isn’t a guaranteed, but why’d one choose to listen, over and over again, to bands that sound from the same mould? It’s hard to comprehend the concept, it’s like saying you love cheese, and aside from the basic compounds of nutrition required to live, all you eat is cheese — mozzarella, gorgonzola, cheddar, parmesan, blue — the works.

Or steak. Would you like to, aside from the odd supplement of vitamins, minerals and other essential elements that allow you to function, live on steak for the rest of your life? Sure enough, there’s variety: T-bone, fillet, minute, ribs, shank — but that’s still essentially steak.

There’s got to be something involved in the process of neurons connecting to the nerves, to the pleasure centre of the brain that’s possible to be controlled (which would enable me to like genres I’ve always hated, hopefully); I just hope it’s discovered in my lifetime.

Viva la mainstream!

Note to self: Stop depending on Jon to drive. Damn it. Better still, start bugging Dad for driving lessons to begin. I want to watch Kahn in action but I can’t. Argh.

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