Obligatory football post

Alright, I’ll admit. I’ll come clean.

After 4/5ths of a century of not liking football, I finally like it again. (sounds longer that way)

The last World Cup that I watched was France-Brazil, if I’m not mistaken. The result was 3-0, I didn’t have to go to school; or maybe I did, and I just slept early, woke up for the match, and went to school feeling weird for waking up early. That probably was it – doubt Dad would’ve let me skip. And there was Milo, or maybe my memory’s glossing over the insignificants and giving me a more rose-tinted memory than I should be. Must’ve been the red/white pills I took everyday.

I remember not getting chosen for- wait, every kid gets chosen- I remember never being chosen for striker during PE. I don’t know what killed the love for it, maybe it was chess (which I stopped after a couple more years anyway), maybe it was the fact that I didn’t really have what it took to play football.

And there’s that article I for The Star did that made me watch 4 matches in 3 days, which I probably attribute to re-igniting the interest all over again. And I still don’t know what attracts me so much to the game – maybe it’s the symmetry of how things are done, or maybe it’s just a male thing that just-happens. I can’t explain my liking for the game more than I can explain gravity, or women, or neuroscience…

Wish I had bought more of these on the way down from camp. Damn it. The taste of dark chocolate mingling with a coffee bean – there’s something about it that clicks. Not to mention the taste’s less strong.

If only they had a branch here.

(It’s too bad Germany didn’t make it; those last 10 minutes sucked. ): )

p.s: I know I promised the article, but I’d rather see if they butchered edited anything before posting it. Gimme a few more days.
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