Above sea level

Was away from the 30th till today at my College CG retreat, Awana, somewhere near the foot of Genting Highlands for those in the dark. Album link here.

Going from humid, hot lowland air to that of the dry, cold highland variety made for a cool camp atmosphere, sore throat, cracking lips and blistering acne reactions. So much for singing to Josh Groban when your throat feels like you’ve swallowed a fruity mixture of powdered glass, fine sand, and red pepper powder.

Interesting how we’re so caught up in the frenzy to preserve memories that we snap and snap away at everything and anything we see — in the process of trying to archive something so evanescent we distort it so that the emphasis is on the preserving rather than the memory itself. I counted 5 Sony Ericsson phones with 2.0 megapixel cameras, mine included.

Wishing that something more permanent aside from knowledge words spoken faces seen decisions made smses sent sensory perceptions in space and time existed would be futile, and yet I wish it were so. But that’s Kant, not me. I got what I wanted; but more on that in the protected later. At least I got chocolate out of it; that and about 70 pictures.

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