Saying goodbye

I know, I know — this is late — but I got tied up in the week. So this post is backdated.

Grandma, my paternal one, passed away during the previous Saturday, and she got buried on Tuesday. I spent much of Saturday night in a lengthy discussion about writing and philosophy with Karcy and Yang Jerng, but that was besides the point. You’ll probably never know till it happens to you, but to find out that you were laughing, smiling and stopping two trains (of thought) from colliding half an hour ago when your grandmother just died… the feeling’s nothing short of terrible.

Tuesday was sullenly silent. Later when Mum asked me if I got a picture of her in the coffin, I was aghast. Bro and I didn’t really care for taking a picture of her in the coffin, strange when you realise that we’re not really adverse to whipping out our trusty phones and taking pictures of the thing itself.

I decided that hotlinking 80123 pictures in thumbnails in a single post was kind-of-ridiculous, kind-of-ridiculous like trying to ban automobiles because they cost thousands upon thousands of deaths a year worldwide. So click.

Missing her was all of a moment when I saw her made-up, much better looking face than the sunken in frame it was when I last dared to venture upstairs, a moment of clear realisation when it dawned on me that the elderly one upstairs that was in the throes of mental degeneration last I saw, was never to be seen again. And I thought of how I used to play this game called Magic The Gathering, and they had this status for a card, called Removed from the game, when that happened you treated the card like it never existed. Now I was doing the same for the grandmother I once adored, being the grandson doted upon lovingly; a grandmother that drifted apart as I grew; someone who once taught me Mandarin in kindergarten.

She’s probably in heaven now. Rest in peace, Grandma.

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