When I say “shotgun”, you say “wedding”!

I remember reading about the experience of a guy who, upon doing his duty as a jury member for a book prize, I forgot which — probably Booker/Pulitzer — lamented at the end of it that it wasn't a pleasant experience. He had a whole stack of books, a not exactly forgiving timeline on which to read them, and at the end of it all deplored how the plots, characters, all formed this huge and unforgiving mass inside his head, with not much ability to differentiate between them. Bar the good ones, of course.

Trying to read 5 books in 5 days isn't exactly there, but it's more than what I'm used to. 

Anyone else I haven't asked that wants to take me out for a couple of World Cup matches (late night or otherwise, it's all good) in the next 5 days too? It's all in the name of this feature assignment, "Non-footballer gets forced to watch 4 matches in 3 days", and I promise when I take pictures I'll get your good angle,I swear I will. ):

Downloading Panic! At The Disco after listening to a couple of songs off a former schoolmate's car stereo system on the way back from college, I'm kinda impressed. Now, you can have someone who sounds like Fall Out Boy's lead singer, singing apparent emo/alt-rock and not have it suck in addition to being rid of whiny vocals and a generic processed sound! Amazing! I personally loathe Dance Dance, it's nothing personal if you're a FOB lover (lol).

The general melody's quite well crafted, the lead sounds like a homosexual clone cross between Brandon Boyd and Gerard Way, or maybe it's just the general feel of the music that sounds that way — it's too happy for emo, too familiar and comfortable to be called alt-rock, and yet the combination's strangely comforting.

Back to Perdido Street Station, then bed. 'ray for sleep debt. 

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