Now, for the moment no one’s waited for:

I now present this blog, complete with older, slightly retouched posts imported from my older Blogger account. I've always liked WordPress, but when I first started looking around for a place to blog they had some Firefox server issues, something about constantly redirecting to the same address that resulted in my inability to login.

So I got Blogger. Frankly, the only thing that isn't perfect about WordPress' that you can't get a custom theme without having your own webspace to host the files, among other requirements, but it's a more than adequate trade-off for the glut of features, which dwarves Blogger's. I guess my brother helped in making that final push — he was looking for password-protected entries as a feature, something I guess slipped my mind — so here you have it.

Blogger also blows for having practically every single name that I could think of taken. Why 'ensorcellment' when I can just have 'saturnine'? Not a tough choice at all.

Besides, I like how it's writer-friendly. Finally, an RSS feed that works (click on the orange with white wave designs button next to your address bar above to use). Not to mention how I don't have to stay up till 3 in the a.m just configuring the template to accomodate non-default stuff. Or submit to the whims and fancy of the template maker, the last of which imposed this dreadfully small font on me. What, you thought I actually liked the thing?

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2 Comments on “Now, for the moment no one’s waited for:”

  1. chewkinyan Says:

    Yay WordPress! haha~! Another convert… Check out 100webspace if you want a moderately reliable free custom host , with advertisements.. (USD1 a month to remove ads). Hope that you’re doing well !

  2. Owen Says:

    Oh. Thanks. But now I can't think of ideas for a .something domain name. Hmm.

    What do you use for your hosting? Noticed your pictures go on the same domain.

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