When wisdom comes knocking

I have a wisdom tooth; it's been bugging me since a few days back. Thinking that you've gotten an ulcer on your cheek lining only to find out that the wretched thing (an extra tooth after the last molar) is slowly tearing its way out through your gums, rubbing a rough spot on the side of the aforementioned cheek lining — sucks.

It's been affecting my speech, which reminds me of the time I spent wearing a plate to correct a front tooth after an extra one was extracted. And the indirect pain from it is bugging me no end… can't wait for the dentist's appointment.

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One Comment on “When wisdom comes knocking”

  1. Joetta Pfenning Says:

    Proper aligned wisdom teeth can be a valuable asset to the mouth but its misalignment requires removal. Wisdom teeth belongs to final set of molar which people witnesses at their late teens and at early twenties but usually it causes discomfort and pain in the mouth for being positioned forcibly in lesser space. Misalignment causes damaging of the jaw bones, adjacent teeth and nerves.^

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