Two a year?

(the amount of books your average reads a year)

No, can't imagine it. Ever. You're staring at the fruits of a half-hour browsing through KL's Library, the one near the Dataran. Was pretty surprised to see Neil Gaiman there. There's a new section that they've dubbed the "Lincoln" section, and I didn't really get it till I opened East of Eden and found out that the Lincoln Resource Centre, U.S Embassy was responsible for the donation. And about a hundred or so other, new books. Hence that and the Robert Frost (almost typed Post, lol) poem thing.

Highly recommended if you're short on cash but rich in time. RM 10 pays the fees for a year, there's generally a lot of crap books around but if you're the type that likes lit, well, it's quite worth it. Like separating the husks from grain. Accessible by Masjid Jamek LRT, 5 minutes on the right of the HSBC building; take Exit B when you're in the station.

Today's class: man, I can't believe people actually are walking in at 10, 10:30 when class starts at 9. The LRT was screwing up today so I got there about 10 minutes late, but what? An hour? An hour and a half late? I mentioned this to the lecturer and she's said, "not going to nag them, this isn't primary school anymore".

I figure it's all good though. I'll sit back and watch them get what, a C, a D? It sucks to be the only serious male in the class actually interested in doing Literature without going through the 'cool kid' motions that include flirting/cracking stupid jokes/waltzing in really late for class.



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4 Comments on “Two a year?”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Ahhhh! I’ve been wanting to go there for forever (a month)! If all goes well *crosses fingers and toes*, I’ll be going there this Sunday with my family x) coolness!

  2. Owen Says:

    Good luck. You might have some neck strain with the shelves though. D: I know I did.

  3. llydia Says:

    Yay for Robert Frost! :)

  4. Owen Says:

    He’s supposedly one of America’s best poets. lol. 4 Pulitzers, stuff like that.

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