I am not tired, and I must sleep

Picture is random and unrelated.

I seriously hate it when there's classes tomorrow and I can't sleep. I'm pretty sure it's got a lot to do with gym a few hours ago, hence the title, but watching another episode of Nip / Tuck probably isn't going to help. Or another episode of Beck. And I don't want to finish The Subtle Knife too fast, since there's a 30 minute commute later in the morning. Argh.

Modest Mouse really sounds weird. Vocalist that sounds like he's throwing a tantrum-rant while taking drugs, surprisingly thematic and odd guitar accompaniments. The whole thing seems to work, but the drug influence thing just bugs me, with no mention of the warped incoherence.

For some reason I predict the juvenile males (no, not me har har) will ruin Lit again today. Still. Update later if it warrants.

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