Means “anxiety” in Malay

Gubra was good, caught it on Sat.

I heard it's due for but just the one week before it closes in cinemas. Still, it's a good show. Many, many thorny issues regarding race and existing, so-called 'taboos' that Malay Muslims face that were addressed, the idiosyncrasies of inter-racial relationships, eccentricities of everyday life. I'm still thinking if it was a tragic comedy or a comic tragedy, since either doesn't really fit. It was still, a good movie by far.

Pardon the ignorance, but I never knew Hindi songs were so romantic.

This was the opening song, lyrics that I got off some blog.

If you haven't watched it yet, why wait anymore? Go. And stay after the credits for the surprise ending. Not many did, which was a shame, and also a shrewd calculation on Yasmin Ahmad's part, I guess. Those who missed the surprise ending can watch it again. More money as a result, etc.

Lukas's piece is supposed to go here but I'm going to finish it tonight. x_x

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