Take a deep breath

Lukas said something about the four of us being baptised when we were 14.

Seems awfully long ago — 6 years? And it seemed more like 15 at that. It was quite the same if you didn't count the large church (Jalan Imbi Chapel). I remember the water, Pastor Philip's soothing, calm voice and my still high-pitched voice saying either "Yes"/"I do" or a mixture of both into the mike a bit too loud. Never liked the sound of my voice in a mike. Still don't. There were a lot of jokes about being held under water slightly longer for misbehaviour during baptism class. A more balanced guy:girl ratio. Chris giving an emotional, rather touching testimonial which I remember, surprisingly enough.

Oddly enough I can't remember if we played CounterStrike after that. But the lack of technology then was quite comforting, when they prayed for us we didn't have to endure the flashes of digicams through shut or not so shut eyelids. Not so comforting's how I probably won't have the memories on hand 20, 30 years from now. You can't win them all.

Congratulations to all the baptisees. (:

Gubra in 12 hours.

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One Comment on “Take a deep breath”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Thanks for the congrats! xD

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