A challenging Easter

Happy belated Easter. I found this a few days back, it's called Chips Challenge:

Anyone played this before? No? It's a 'tile based, puzzle game' that was formerly part of this old, old Windows Entertainment Pack thing that was sold for Win 95. For some odd reason I felt suddenly compelled to look for it, found an illegal (read: zipped and pirated) version of it. It's a measly 250kb, and if anyone's curious as to what this's about, well, I can always send a copy to you. Bill Gates won't lose any sleep about it. Think IQ puzzles that get progressively harder, with you controlling a 1-dimensional character called Chip, who dies easily as the pencil for the puzzle.

Easter was all well and good; considering how this time last year and the year before I was blissfully unaware of it. Bruce Milne, who spoke at church was attention-gripping, the lack of a musical/choir strangely soothing. But that's another, more obvious story. And on a digression, they look so adorable together. I kid you not, watching them's like being in sec school all over again — spring! when a young man's folly turns to love. Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies. They're just adorable, period.


Under pressure sucks. Not the song, which was a good remake done by The Cure / My Chemical Romance, but writing under pressure is. A week to come up with two pieces. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. Isn't so much the writing as it is the wondering if it's going to be appreciated. That sort of thing, repeat and rinse.

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