My Mother Said I Never Should

is a play by Charlotte Keatley, and also part of the A-Levels Lit syllabus for this year.

And it sucks. Well, it doesn't suck suck, but having just finished John Keats last month (there, that quote of "truth is beauty and beauty truth, that is all you know and all you need to know", also he wrote To Autumn, Hyperion, Endymion) this play kinda pales in comparison. An all-female cast, feminist author, only three measly acts- it just boring sucks. There's nothing wrong with feminism per se, it's just that after staring at the same three acts for almost 2 lessons already, I'm starting to get a bit sick of it. It could've been a lot larger, something like The Importance of Being Earnest would be fine. Ah, for a bit of Wilde in the syllabus.

Who's got their Wednesday nights, and last Saturday of the month afternoons free? I went to FINAS last night, think it stands for Filem Nasional or something like that. They're showing international, award winning films there every Wednesday for free, shows averaging at about 105 minutes. Think good stuff from countries like France, Chile, Denmark, China, Germany, with the occasional Malaysian film in-between. This month's theme's Political Currents, next month Lives, Loves and Losses.

It's the first turning towards the Zoo Negara after the bus stop, a 270 degree turn if I'm not mistaken. There's refreshments afterwards, a medium-sized auditorium with about 30-40 people turning up every single time. I went with my parents yesterday, the movie was this French one called The Beat That My Heart Skipped. The guy looked somewhat like Lost's Boone, a Parisian real estate gangster-type guy that struggles with his life of crime and a more promising path of classical music. Great piano pieces, greater acting.

Next week's a 121 minute film, a Chile one called Machuca. Google/Wiki it for more info, or ask me. If you're interested, tell me, either my cell or MSN. It helps if you can drive, stomach slow movies, appreciate a good story without regards for language, and aren't the type to leave your h/p on or discuss the story during the movie. It won the Audience Award, Philadelphia Film Festival 2005. Got school/college tomorrow? It starts at 8:30 p.m, 121 minutes would translate to 2 hours or so which'd mean that it ends at 10:30… that isn't so bad, is it? You could also e-mail for more information. They've got a mailing list thing with detailed information about the movie of the week, among others

There isn't anyone in particular I'd like to come more than another, but Lukas! I know you're mostly free, and can appreciate movies like this. Since I don't see you on MSN ever I thought this'd be a good place to ask. Tell me tomorrow if you see this before church.

edit: (Malay Mail was retarded as usual and caused it to be banned on grounds of "obscenity")
Lit today was a bit testing but mostly tolerable if you don't count my loathing for that play. Can someone tell me why would one choose to sit for a subject, an A-Level one at that, if there wasn't the interest? I simply don't get why the guys (especially) in my class insist on acting like they're in secondary school again, flirting with the girls, making 'funny' comments, coming in 10 minutes or so late after the lunch break, stall with their classwork and hand in one miserable paragraph in huge writing. And some of them don't even understand the words used. Ugh.

It's like going for Advanced Shaolin Kung-Fu classes when you weigh next to nothing, have never had any kung-fu or martial arts background, next interest or talent in fighting, yet complain when the sifu asks you to demonstrate the Defensive Phoenix Stance that was last week's homework.

But maybe I'm being too harsh. Or it's just a guy thing, because I heard they mature at a slower pace than girls. Still, it really blows sharing a class, with nothing to say of tomorrow's Socio that's got the same bunch in it, times four since Socio's relatively accessible, at least more than Lit.

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2 Comments on “My Mother Said I Never Should”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I am currently year 12 and studying my mother said..
    I do have to agree with you, It does suck, but when I went and saw the play, I did really enjoy it! But now i’m just hating having to do a flippin live evaluation about it! haha :) x

  2. Says:

    I really enjoy reading through on this internet site, it holds wonderful articles.

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