Angsty blondes, forest spirits, narcissism

I watched My Neighbour Totoro with my sis last night and FFVII: Advent Children this afternoon. Both were interesting in a warped, dull sort of way, and it's funny how I'm not really raving about both, contrary to general opinion. Totoro was a classic, so much so that it's even the mascot of the animation studio that produced it; FF7:AC was nothing short of spectacular visually, although the storyline was another beast altogether. More on that later.

Totoro was, well, typical Hayao Miyazaki in the sense that you could compare his works to Walt Disney and still not be off. There's always a happy ending, the same, cloying character development of self-discovery, enigmas that never explain themselves. I wasn't really expecting closure at the end, but the lack of screen time for the Totoros, there being more than one, the little black things at the beginning that weren't explained, the almost lack of conflict — it almost got draggy. That and the VCD that I was watching it on gave me several occasional hiccups, with nothing to say of the VLC Media Player that malfunctioned here and there.

It was decent, I guess, if you're the type who likes a warm, fuzzy ending with loose ends that aren't really tied up towards the end. That and the adorable Totoro(s) that stole the show

every single time they went on screen.

FF7:AC was another thing altogether. I've never played the game, only seen parts of it here and there, and the storyline… somewhat of a headache. So there's FF7:AC, which wraps up the ending, and I guess it wouldn't have been as bad if not for the fact that this guy maintains the same face throughout the entire thing.

It was like watching Jay Chou act in Initial D all over again, if Jay Chou could wield a sword, fly hundreds of metres into the air and land on his feet, and actually get through a painful past without shedding a tear. Although I think you know what I mean. Everyone had nice hair, they looked almost human, and the only complaint I had about the CG was that the children looked like something out of a PS2 cutscene; they were rather plastic, and moved awkwardly. The adults were more natural, probably the side-effect of concentrating on the main characters. They even made water look real, which is something, to say nothing of the hair on the characters. Damn. If only I had the same hair. The kid's, I mean. ):

An friend of mine said this on MSN yesterday:

"Thinking you're in love is narcissism turned upside down. Now, the fun part about this is, Narcissus turned upside-down basically suggests that he isn't the guy who's looking into his own reflection, but that he's the reflection! 'Thinking that you're in love' becoming 'loving what you think' – now, that's deep."

And I can't help but agree.


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2 Comments on “Angsty blondes, forest spirits, narcissism”

  1. llydia Says:

    Hmmm. So erm, Lukas is my narcissistic reflection?

  2. Owen Says:

    You generally fall in love with people who are like you, unconscious or not. There was this study I read once (can’t cite it now though) that said that people tend to find partners with the same features, physical I think, that matched theirs. Oddly enough, I find myself agree ing with that.

    As for the mental part, well, people tend to click with those who share a bulk of their thoughts, be it principles, likes, dislikes, creed, that sort of thing. In essence you’d be falling for someone so like you and yet slightly unlike… hope you get what I mean. I mean, I’m pretty sure you share some distinct traits with Lukas too, right?

    It’s kinda strange, but the person who said this also went by the name of Lukas. Weird eh?

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