I want you to hit me as hard as you can

There isn't any reason why I should be writing this at 4 in the morn — but since it's a new blog, one that I've spent the last 2 hours or so tweaking, I guess some sort of inaugural, new post would be in order. Mind that my left eye's red and I'm frighteningly tired, and let's go. Fight goes on as long as it takes.

The better part of the afternoon was spent with Jon at his place, along with Lukas, watching Fight Club. It was nice, for a movie that came from a book; a story that leaked philosophy of the anti-world kind, the type that decries our neverending lust for material items; characters that convincingly made you wince, smile and then laugh out loud. It was paced rather well, nothing got too draggy for the 2 or so hours, and a finale that, while being gratingly familiar in parts, wasn't that bad after all given the premise. Then there was Edward Norton, whom I never really knew till this. And Brad Pitt, who was stellar, and Helena Bonham Carter, nothing short of brilliant.

Aside from the one, tastefully done and thankfully brief sex scene, situational swearing and copious amounts of violence and blood, I probably would recommend it to everyone. It's that kind of a movie. In case some of you were wondering, the sex scene was probably what the Malaysian government would've classified, and not censored, in a perfect world (non-excessive sex scenes, 18-SX sort of thing). Although the reality would be far from it, given our persistently selective and asinine censorship. The violence wasn't exactly gratuitious, nor generous; a few heads blasted open, the usual fight wounds of bloodied noses, lacerated faces, facial injuries.

It all makes sense now! The quotes that people allude to constantly which I never really got 'cept for the rule one, the Calvin and Hobbes connection (Google for it), the reason this show was something that was raved about by everyone who saw it.

I happen to have a whole ton of material on my hands at the moment — The Artic Monkey's debut album which I got last night, L'Arc En Ciel's discography, the usual ton of books I've managed to sift from the KL library on my somewhat-monthly jaunts; four of Hayao Miyazaki's works from Ruth, those two seasons of Nip / Tuck almost done on the torrent list, the first Lost season from Jon. So it's that list you're seeing at the side, since I thought it'd be a nice way to keep track of what I'm doing at any given month, subtly. [x] for those I've completed, [o] for those I'm currently reading/watching, and [ ] for those I've yet to even touch.

Watch this space!

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One Comment on “I want you to hit me as hard as you can”

  1. [n] Says:

    Haha Yay another blogger!–>

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